Student Sequence of Learning Delivery
|| Activity
Create a Concept Map planning ideas and needs for your Inquiry
  1. Investigate the ideas you have in regards to
Tuning In

Investigation for your Inquiry
  1. Open the
Finding Out
And Sorting Out

Experiments and Research
  1. Use the Interactives and sites here to

Science Report
  1. Open the Science [[../St.%20Mary's%20Program%202012/Term%204%202012/Level%203%20Whats%20the%20Matter/Matter%20Project%20KIt/Science%20Report.doc|Report Template]]and save a copy into

Design Documentary –Work with teams to coach how to use the tools indicated to the right.
  1. Design a
  2. Open Movie Maker and gather photos
  3. Create a
Going Further

Co Construct with students the best medium for communication of ideas and action eg. Publish on the My Classes page/Blog/Wiki online space
Making Conclusions and Taking Action

Rubric Creation with students - ideas. [[../../../Sacred%20Heart%20Sandringham/Teacher%20PD/Term%201%202011/Level%204%20Startup/wetlands%20web%20rubrics%2056%20project.doc|Rubric]]
Create a rubric to assess the effectiveness of